Precision Metal Parts Manufacturing by CNC Machining Stamping Die Casting Forging process. With best Industrial & Consumption & Military grade products surface finish: Anodizing Powder Coating Painting Electrical Plating Chrome Plating Screen Printing Polishing We are an ISO 9001:2000 company with focus on quality and ethical business standards. We have facility for Stainless Steel pressing , Cold forging, Hot pressing, Stamping, Sheet metal components, Stainless Steel bolts Nuts Screws , Stainless Steel casting,Stainless Steel teflon hose fittings, Lost was investment casting, Stainless Steel CNC machining and bar turning, Milling, Broaching, Threading etc. Technologies CNC Machining Laser Cutting Milling Stamping Turning Materials Aluminum Parts Brass Parts Plastic Parts Stainless Steel Parts Titanium Parts Surface Treatment Anodizing Brushin Plating Powder Coating Sandblasted Milling_Alumimum Alloy CNC Machining_Aluminum 6061 Stainless Steel Turning parts Steel_Motor Red_Valve Laser Cutting CNC Turning Parts Die_Casting AlAero_Anodizing Anodizing_Plastic Cell_Frame Gun_Body Milling_Plastic Blue_Electroplating Spare Parts Small Components Sewing_SpareParts Steel round parts Mask_Tube Red_Anodized Orange_Valve Precise Shell Splendid_Tower Fitting_Match Casting & Milling Match_Box Milling_Anodizing Corner_Turn T_Valve Milling_Grey Z_Alu Turning_Milling Turning_Turning Red_Oxidation Red_Shaping document.write("");